DeliverableTitleNatureDissemination LevelDelivery Date
D1.1Consortium AgreementReportConfidential31 May 2019
D1.2Gender Action PlanReportConfidential31 May 2019
D1.3Supervisory BoardOtherConfidential31 May 2019
D7.1Training Network website Websites, patents filling, etc.Public30 Jun 2019
D9.1Data Management Plan (DMP)ORDP: Open Research Data PilotConfidential30 Sep 2019
D7.2Social media activities Websites, patents filling, etc.Public31 Oct 2019
D5.1State-of-the art in energy use and sustainability of the dairy industry ReportPublic31 Dec 2019
D4.1Assessment regarding state-of-the-art in microbial modelling approaches ReportPublic31 Mar 2020
D8.1POPD – Requirement No. 1EthicsConfidential31 Mar 2020
D8.2EPQ – Requirement No. 2EthicsConfidential31 Mar 2020
D8.3H – Requirement No. 3EthicsConfidential31 Mar 2020
D1.4Progress ReportReportConfidential30 Apr 2020
D3.1Literature review mycotoxin and microbial risk assessment in dairy productsReportPublic30 Apr 2020
D1.5ESR Career Development PlanReportConfidential31 May 2020
D5.2Modelling the dairy chain: single and multi-product manufacturing and distribution ORDP: Open Research Data PilotPublic31 Dec 2020
D3.2DatabaseReportConfidential31 Mar 2021
D4.2Modelling tool for describing microbial dynamics in dairy food and process water ORDP: Open Research Data PilotPublic31 Mar 2021
D2.1Report on outcome of summer school programme and workshops ReportConfidential31 May 2021
D3.3FCRA and QMEA models ORDP: Open Research Data PilotConfidential30 Sep 2021
D5.3Design of efficient and sustainable hygienically designed manufacturing systems DemonstratorPublic30 Sep 2021
D2.2PCDPS designed by all ESRs ReportConfidential31 Mar 2022
D5.4Energy evaluation of the dairy supply chain ReportPublic31 May 2022
D5.5Integrated RA, LCA and Energy methodology DemonstratorPublic31 May 2022
D3.4Process mitigation strategiesReportPublic30 Sep 2022
D4.3Sensitivity and scenario analysisDemonstratorPublic30 Sep 2022
D5.6Application and validation of the combined methodology ReportPublic30 Sep 2022
D6.1White Paper and integrated Decision Support SystemReportPublic30 Sep 2022
D7.5Project ConferenceOtherPublic30 Sep 2022
D1.6Potential inputs for policy feedback (if applicable)OtherPublic31 Mar 2023
D7.3Report on Dissemination and Exploitation Activities ReportConfidential31 Mar 2023
D7.4Communication and OutreachReportPublic31 Mar 2023